WordPress Update 6.1

Written by: Arsalan

July 5, 2023

WordPress Update 6.1: Misha 


WordPress developers and users are thrilled about the new WordPress update, known as Misha, released on November 1st, 2022. This update was possible with the contribution of approximately 800 people from at least 58 countries. What makes this update special is the number of improvements in WordPress for the users as well as developers.

Have a look at the new features, which this update is offering.


A brand-new Default WordPress theme: Twenty-Twenty Three

This update unveils Twenty-Twenty Three, a gleaming new default theme that makes most use of the block theme functions and the style variations, first offered in the 5.9 and 6.0 update. Now the users will be able to modify how their site looks within a single theme with a single click as it has 10 different styles and it’s marked as accessibility ready.


Templates with a Better Creation Experience

The update 6.1 simplifies and improves the use of templates. Now the expanded template offers you more options for modifying the page layout, including the ability to create new templates for posts and pages in the Site Editor. When you select a template, you can now specify whether it should be applied to a specific item or all of it.

Classic themes can now utilize the block-based template components to make page creation even faster.

You can quickly add and update the template components like headers, footers, comment boxes and even the mini-carts if you’re a Woocommerce user.   


Controls which are Consistent over design tools

The block library is constantly being expanded to incorporate additional block kinds, and as a result, a significant amount of effort has gone into making the controls across design tools and blocks more consistent. This greatly improves and simplifies the layout and site-building experience; you can now change and customize your site with more control and less CSS!

WordPress has even created a complete list of design tools for each block.


Menus have never been more User friendly

WordPress 6.1 presents new tools, which are making your menu editing super simpler. New improvements in the navigation block, with new fall back options for editing the currently open menu.

Moreover, the mobile menu systems are updated with new features and new icons to make the menus genuinely unique.


Responsive typography is now supported

Create a site with more responsive text, including support for fluid typography and spacing preset via the theme.json file. You can now create font sizes that adjust to any viewport size for easy reading regardless of the device your visitors are using, all without having to manually code media queries.


Creating quick posts with starter pattern

When you created a page on WordPress 6.0, what you were seeing was suggested patterns. Now in WordPress 6.1, you can utilize a new modal and a little code to build starting templates for new posts as well. You can also preset default headings and lock areas inside the pattern, which is useful if you have numerous writers or simply want to make it easier for yourself to publish consistent entries.


Versatility for quotes and listing

List and Quote block that enable inner blocks, provides even more versatility for your site. You may now design more complex compositions by inserting headlines and even photos inside your quote block or else you can choose various blocks and merge them in a single click, to form a single list or a Quote block.


Saved for later option, in Site Editor settings 

Sometimes when you clear your browsing data, you lose your user preferences. This updated edition has a new approach for handling preferences to prevent this from happening. WordPress 6.1 keeps this data on the server side, on the top of browsers local storage so that it is saved even if the browser history is deleted. Then it also means that preferences can be accessed even from other browsers and systems.


Inner blocks can now be locked with a click

The days of manually locking each inner block is now past. In WordPress 6.1, a new pop-up allows you to apply lock settings to all blocks within a contained block such as a group, cover, column block, photos and other elements much easier and less time consuming.


Container block now support the content only editing

With new content only editing settings, you can control your site’s layout while leaving your writers to focus on the content. Lock layouts within the protected blocks, making child block invisible and unchangeable in the list view. Merge this, with the enhanced block locking features for even more advanced block control.


Improved Accessibility for Editors and Admins

More than 40 accessibility enhancements include fixing focus loss issues in the editor and improving form labels and auditory messages to make alternative text easier to edit. In addition, the sub-menu overlap in the expanded admin side navigation has been corrected for lower screen sizes and greater zoom levels.


And this is not the end of the story, some other features of this update include 

  • Improved layout and Setting visualization.
  • Improved Block place holders.
  • Simplistic theme search for blocks
  • Streamlined CSS 
  • Better Element styling.
  • Support for the Query Loop block.
  • Preset spacing saves time.



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