What is Web Hosting

Written by: Arsalan

July 19, 2023

When you decide that you have to start a new website. The first thing you need to think about is getting a domain registration and a web hosting. Web Hosting is an online service that makes it possible for your website’s content to get the access on internet. When you purchase a plan for hosting, what you basically do is you rent a space on the physical server to store your data and secure it.

When it comes to the hosting technologies, they make sure that the resources which are provided for your website are effective and operational. They are in charge of maintaining your server’s functionality, putting security measures in place, and making sure all of your data is successfully delivered to the client.


Web Hosting offers different hosting options and at times it becomes daunting for one to choose the right plan for them. Normally the web hosts provide different types of services for different type of clients. Ideally, you ought to start with  the basic hosting option. You can upgrade to a more advanced plan if your website starts receiving more traffic. 

Types of hosting  

The web hosting is available in different types and the prices vary with the types. Let’s have a look on different types of web hosting we are offering.

  • Shared hosting
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Dedicated hosting

Shared Web Hosting

In shared web hosting, the websites share the same server. They all have an access to the same server which will be providing them the same resources such as bandwidth, storage and processing power. Normally the shared hosting service is the cheapest service. 

Normally the cost of shared hosting starts from $1-$15 per month and in zegtacloud.com we start it from $1.99/month. What makes us unique is the storage and service we are providing that is in NWMe. NVMe storage in shared hosting is not a very common thing in the hosting market. 

Our Cloud basic, which is the best option for small websites or New startups is providing 1 website with 10 GB NVMe storage, 2GB RAM, a free domain name with 30 free subdomains and 30 emails. 

We also provide free and auto SSL and free web migration. Also we offer 24/7/365  support, 99.9% Uptime guaranteed with lite speed server and free cPanel. We provide all these services with the 45 days of money back guarantee.

VPS Web Hosting

Virtual Private Server Hosting provides the client with the dedicated service and web hosting space. The majority of VPS hosting companies grant full root access so you can set up your own operating system and apps.

In contrast to shared hosting, neither your actions nor those of other users will have an impact on them.

The prices of each hosting company vary from each other. On average this server costs around $20-$100 per month. 

Cloud Web Hosting 

In cloud hosting a website can be hosted on several virtual servers. High uptime and exceptional scalability are provided. A cloud hosting makes use of a network of remote servers, it is more resilient to physical hardware problems.

Normally the cloud hosting services start from $10-$200/month. But at ZegtaCloud, we are offering the cloud web hosting with NVMe storage at a very reasonable cost.

As we know that the price of cloud hosting increases with the RAM.

The benefits of having a cloud webhosting are the following 

  1. If you are facing a failure of one server, the website will automatically start using the other server and you will stay online.
  2. Cloud hosting will help you maintain the website performance even if the traffic is high.
  3. If your website is growing, you can upgrade your bandwidth and storage to meet your increased needs.

At ZegtaCloud, we are offering the cloud services at very reasonable prices with NVMe storage. Here’s a review to our cloud services and the prices.

Our Cloud basic, which is best for small startups is starting from $1.99/month.

Our Cloud plus services are best for you when you need more NVMe storage are starting at $3.49/month.

Our Cloud business services, which are best for the businesses in scalability mode with unmetered NVMe storage, are starting at $5.49.


WordPress Hosting


WordPress hosting is the type of hosting, which is designed to run WordPress and it satisfies the security and performance requirements of a website.

WordPress hosting enhances the speed and security of websites made with the WordPress Content Management System.

WordPress website hosting differs in its features from other hosting services. These features include one-click installer and security tool. Most of the time the client has access to the support team.

WordPress hosting is costly than the shared hosting normally. The cost of this specific hosting starts from $70/month and it can go up to $200/month.

The benefits of having the WordPress hosting are

  1. having the features and tools to improve your performance and security.
  2. Your WordPress software and PHP version will be updated automatically.
  3. You get an access to a dedicated expert team which will be solving your issues regarding the specific hosting.


Dedicated Hosting

In dedicated hosting, the client gets the entire physical server, which gives them the complete control over the software, operating system and the general configurations.

Dedicated hosting have the highest prices. These prices start from $80 and goes up to $500 per month. This hosting is ideal for the websites having high traffic due to its high uptime and fast speed. Along with this the dedicated hosting gives you the access to unlimited websites, email accounts and domains.

There are two types of dedicated hosting. Managed and Unmanaged hosting. A managed server will offer you the professional support to help you with any problem you’re facing. Whereas if you’re having an unmanaged hosting, the professional help will not be provided.

The benefits of having a dedicated hosting are

  1. The client will be having a full control over the physical server.
  2. This type of hosting will be flexible to your needs.
  3. It is suitable if your website is having a heavy traffic.






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