Top 5 WordPress Themes for Blogs

Written by: Arsalan

July 21, 2023

Top 5 WordPress themes for Blogs 

If you write blogs on WordPress, then you will have a closer interaction with the WordPress themes specifically for blogs. If you’re finding the best themes which can customize your blog in no time, we have some superb options for you in this blog.

If you know, around 70 million posts are published on WordPress each month and there are several themes in WordPress, which makes it difficult for a user to choose the best theme for their blog.

We hope that this blog will help you to decide what to choose for your WordPress Blog.

These are the top 5 WordPress blog themes we have for you!



It’s a WordPress blog theme which is beginner friendly and a perfect solution for eCommerce and corporate blogs. It’s so compatible with Gutenberg editor and many of the other page builder plugins. With this theme, you can arrange your blogs and archive pages. It also helps you to design your header and footer. 

When it comes to speed and efficiency, this theme supports Accelerated Mobile Pages to enhance the user experience on any of the mobile devices. 


Ocean WP

OceanWP is a multi – tasking WordPress theme suitable for blogs, portfolios, and online stores. On the site, it has a full-width header image, which is ideal for showing a depicted story or promoting a product.

You may easily alter the theme using the WordPress Customizer. It is possible to alter the overall layout of your blog and adjust the header margin to accommodate different screen widths. Furthermore, this is a responsive website theme.

If you wish to develop your site with a page builder, OceanWP works wonderfully with Brizy, Thrive Architect, and Divi. 

This WordPress theme also includes a number of free extensions to enhance the functionality of the site.



Furthermore, if you want to build a business on your blogging site, OceanWP has eCommerce tools built in. 

They feature the ability to tailor the quantity of upsells, cross-sells, and the checkout page.



Astra is a highly versatile WordPress theme that works with popular page builders like Elementor and Divi. 

Aside from that, it is a performance-oriented concept.

Astra uses only 50 KB of resources, which is significantly less than typical WordPress blog themes, allowing it to load in less than half a second.

Astra offers a diverse range of beginning sites. 

It also allows you to narrow down the starter sites based on your favourite page builder plugin. 

Once you’ve found the page layouts you want, you may import them with a single click.

Astra also includes developer-friendly features such as hooks and filters that allow developers to modify its capabilities.

Furthermore, Astra’s smooth connection with WooCommerce allows you to 

convert your site into a completely responsive online store.



This is a fully creative, responsive and entirely user-friendly WordPress theme suitable for all types of websites. 

It also allows you to develop sites for a variety of businesses and styles. 

If you are a professional designer or freelancer searching for a website with personality, look no further. 

XTRA WordPress Theme was created with a creative passion in mind, and by cooperating with top designers, you will undoubtedly get eye-catching slick designs that we know you will enjoy.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO is one of the most crucial parts of any 


We are concerned about it and have made XTRA exceedingly search engine 


First and foremost, we used layouts and standard elements for page design. 

The following is the Page Heading; we choose H1, H2, H3, and H4 as the most significant elements. 

Page Keywords and Page Descriptions are two of the most significant components of SEO. Within XTRA, you may insert Page Keywords and Specifications for every Post, Page Portfolio Items, and Portfolio Items. 

XTRA is functional with Yoast’s WP SEO Plugin.



Newspaper is a WordPress theme that allows you to easily create articles or blog posts. 

We provide extensive guidance and pleasant assistance!

This is the accessible opportune information and horoscope template. 

This best-selling item is suitable for blogging as well as a news, newspaper, magazine, advertising, and review website. 

It can play YouTube videos and is both AMP and cellular enabled. 

GDPR compliance, the theme is quick, simple, or handy to use as a cryptocurrency, fashion, food, lifestyle, modern, personal, travel, luxury, viral, minimal, minimalist projects, and so on.

It uses the best lighting search engine optimization principles and is integrated with Instagram, bbPress Forum, BuddyPress, and WooCommerce. 

Handling Google Ads or AdSense is aided by newspapers.



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