Contactless Table Service App for Your Restaurant, Bar, Coffee Shop, or Pub

Government guidelines encourage venues that serve food to implement contactless ordering through an app post lockdown. Our easy-to-use app builder lets you create an affordable app, fast.

Table service to support social distancing

Quick ordering to maximize revenue

Put customers and employees at ease

Demonstrate responsibility as a brand


Keep Safe and Maximize Revenue with a Table Service App

Table Service

Let customers order from your own table service app and bring their food and drinks to them. Reduce exposure and keep customers and employees safe.

In-App Payment

Easy in-app payments from multiple providers ensure there are no barriers to purchase—you won’t lose orders.

Full Menu

Maximize sales by uploading your entire menu. Customers have the same choice as if they were ordering from a server.

Simple Communication with Your Kitchen

Kitchen staff are instantly notified when an order is made. Our wireless printer integrates with the app and automatically prints orders.

Account Creation

Account creation makes it easy for regulars to order food whenever they visit. There’s no need to start from scratch every time.

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Socially Distanced Ordering Is Simple with a Table Service App

1. Take Orders

Customers can then browse your entire menu and choose the food and drinks they want. They have the same choice as when they order via a server.

2. Choose a Table

Once they’ve made their food selection customers provide a table number.

3. Pay via Diverse Payment Options

In-app payment options make ordering a breeze—keep contact between customers and employees to a minimum.

4. Kitchen Staff Notified

Kitchen staff are alerted when the order is complete. They prepare the order and servers bring it to the correct table.

Beyond Social Distancing

A Table Service App Helps Your Business Grow

Table Ordering

Table service simplifies ordering. Perfect for social distancing, less mobile customers, families, and busy periods.

Loyalty Scheme

Loyal customers are worth more. Reward regulars and encourage repeat custom with a digital rewards program.

Push Notifications

Remind customers about events and offers with push notifications. Segment audiences to make sure people only get the most relevant content.

Coupons and Offers

Encourage visits and maximize revenue with coupons and offers. Expiry dates ensure people use them.

Booking System for Events

Start your next event off with a bang. Sell tickets or let customers book a spot with an in-app booking system.

Multi-Location Support

Use a single app for all your locations by offering multiple menus. Perfect for local chains.