How to fix Your WordPress Site When Its Slow

Written by: Arsalan

January 25, 2023

How to Fix your WordPress Site when its Slow

WordPress is slow, why? It’s a challenging question with many different possible solutions. It might be a malicious plugin or the web host you’re using. There’s a chance you’re employing too many inefficient photos.

Well there can be certain different reasons behind a slow WordPress this blog I am going to help you identify those reasons along with the solutions that how can you fix these problems.

It is recommended that websites load within one to two seconds. Simply enter your website URL into any speed testing software, such as GTMetrix, WebPageTest, or Pingdom, to check how quickly your website loads. These tools will not only provide the typical loading time but also be identifying the reasons which are causing it to slow down.

Here is the list of possible factors that are responsible for slowing down your WordPress Website.


  • Hidden Malware

Malware that enters your mobile device through malicious programs is typically undetected, and it is the primary factor in mobile device slowdown. Similar is the case with your WordPress Website, malware threats can potentially evade detection for days or even weeks on WordPress websites. They can reduce the speed of your website by using up too much server space and bandwidth.


  • Your Web-Host

If you’re frequently experiencing a WordPress website with a slow server response time, the reason can be that your website is hosted by a web host which is not good enough or maybe you have a cheap hosting package, which is not good enough for your needs. Websites will always load slowly on any device if there are too many websites housed on a single shared server.


  • Too many Plugins Active

Do you know that there are currently more than 59,000 different WordPress plugins on the market? This implies that every website function and requirement has a corresponding plugin. Having too many plugins can make your WordPress site take longer to load overall because not all of them are performance-optimized.


  • Not Upgrading the core, Plugins and Themes

In addition to posing a security risk, outdated WordPress sites can slow down and perform poorly. An outdated Core WordPress version, as well as obsolete plugins and themes, may be to blame for your WordPress site’s lackluster performance. So we can say that the time to time upgradation of your WordPress will be necessary for good loading speed.


  • Not Choosing Good Plugins or Themes 

Use of bad plugins is a significant contributor to slow websites, right? Consider this 3% of the 18,262 plugins developed between 2016 and 2019 have never gotten a software update, and 57% have never been rated. This indicates that there is no shortage of shady, low-quality plugins and themes that aren’t optimized for security or quick loading. So you have to be really smart while choosing the plugin or the theme.


  • Long CSS or Unnecessary JavaScript

JavaScript is what gives your WordPress site’s users a more interactive and engaging experience. The styling of your website is controlled via CSS code, which ensures consistency across all pages. Unnecessary or inefficient JavaScript can prevent your page from loading quickly, and inefficient or long CSS can also cause a delay in your loading. 


  • No Image Optimization 

Even if an image can convey a thousand words, too many images can cause your WordPress site to load slowly. High-resolution photos are excellent for aesthetic purposes, but they also prolong the loading process. Furthermore, altering the image’s size without degrading its quality is challenging.


  • Not Utilizing Plugins for Caching

When a repeat visitor visits your site, you can save and display the same version of the website thanks to website caching. This means that less server resources are used to display content, increasing the speed of the page. A cache plugin is suitable for implementing this step on WordPress websites. However, many website owners choose not to utilize caching plugins because doing so frequently leads to giving repeat visitors an outdated version of the website.


  • Avoiding CDN

The CDN, or content delivery network, is a collection of numerous servers positioned in various regions. It effectively keeps multiple copies of your website’s content in order to deliver it more quickly to the user who is accessing it closest to them. If your target audience is dispersed over numerous regions, not employing a CDN may slow down delivery of the site.


  • . Using too many External Scripts

External links and scripts are beneficial for SEO when included in website content. The server may use a lot of bandwidth loading these external scripts on any browser if you are running an excessive number of them. Your WordPress site may then become suddenly incredibly slow as a result of this.




Now that we are aware of the causes, let’s look at 10 practical techniques for speeding up WordPress on any device.

Here are 10 tested methods to shorten the load time of WordPress:


  • Use Plugins that won’t slow down the Website

Make sure a new plugin is speed-optimized before installing it. Buying plugins exclusively from reputable developers and the official WordPress plugin repository will keep you safe.


  • Choose a Reputed Web-Host 

It’s time to switch to a managed hosting platform with dedicated server resources if you are still running your WordPress website on a less expensive or shared host. Additionally, be careful to pick a reputable web host.


  • Optimization of Images 

Compressing the images on your website can improve performance and cut load times by 1-2 seconds. For your website images, only utilize optimal file formats like JPG or PNG. The quality of photos can be optimized without sacrificing their integrity using software for image manipulation like Optimole or ImageOptim.


  • Uninstall the Un-Necessary Plugins

If you utilize a lot of plugins, periodically review all of the ones that are installed in your WordPress hosting account and remove any that are inactive or not being used.


  • Upgrade the Core, Plugins and Themes of WordPress

This is the ideal moment to update all of your WordPress sites to the most recent versions if you are still using older versions. To prevent any incompatibility problems, make sure to update both the core of WordPress and all plugins and themes.

  • Utilize Simple Themes

Not all themes are designed for quick loading, just like subpar plugins. Use lightweight themes that will speed up your WordPress site, such as GeneratePress or Astra, or lessen the amount of installed themes on your website.


  • Make sure to use CDN

Utilize WordPress CDN services like Cloudflare or Jetpack to optimize the distribution of your content. In this manner, the server that is closest to your website visitors will provide the fastest response.


  • Use Lazy-Loading Technique

In order to improve loading performance, non-critical webpage elements can be loaded later using the tested method of lazy loading. Consider adding lazy load plugins for WordPress sites like Smush or Lazy Load by WP Rocket.


  • Use Plugins for Caching

Caching plugins are a terrific addition to your website unless you change your material virtually every day. The best caching plugins, such as WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache, should be chosen and installed.


  • WordPress Database Optimization

Your website may not load as quickly if the WordPress database is clogged with spam comments and unneeded information. Using database optimization plugins like WP Database Reset or WP-DBManager, you may quickly solve this issue.


So these are all possible problems with the solutions that you can have while using a WordPress site. I hope you find this blog helpful.  



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