How to Build a Membership site for your Consulting Business in WordPress

Written by: Arsalan

January 30, 2023

How to Build a Membership site for your Consulting Business in WordPress

A credible consulting website serves as the gateway to your company’s online presence and is a significant marketing tool. Additionally, your website serves as a potential client’s initial impression of your business and allows them to easily find you with the click of a mouse.

In this blog, you’re going to get all the information you need to build a consulting website step by step. 


  • Design a Content Plan

You should first consider the type of content you can provide for your members. You want to think about your fields of expertise and how you may make money from them. Your content plan should be clear. With the help of MemberPress you can put the written content as well as the videos.

Creating forums that are accessible solely to members and encourage networking could also be advantageous.


  • The MemberPress Plugin should be Installed and Activated

You’ll be taken to your member account dashboard, which includes the plugin files and your subscription information, after completing the signup procedure.

You can create an account by selecting a pricing strategy that works for your company. Enter your personal information after that.

Once you have downloaded the files, go to your WordPress dashboard.

By choosing the folder under Plugins > Add New > Choose File, you can upload the downloaded files.

After the plugin has been installed, you must click Activate to finish the procedure. You must also input your license key in the MemberPress dashboard to activate your subscription.


  • Plan your Consulting Projects

You can now create the various consulting service memberships. Click MemberPress > MemberPress > Add New to open the design form and begin. You can name your initial plan here.

You can choose whether your subscription will have regular billing or a one-time fee when setting its price. If you want to persuade new users to try out your platform before committing, you may also set up a discounted or free trial period.

Next, scroll down to see the section on membership options. You can customize more complex features here, such payment options and access URLs. Additionally, you may manage who can sign up for this membership plan and set permissions.

When creating your strategy, take your time and conduct extensive study. Make sure they are easily available and reasonably priced. Take a look at other comparable consulting companies to see what they’re doing.

Additionally, you could want to designate various levels of membership for advising counsel. If you’re starting a business consulting firm, for instance, you might provide two options:


A more affordable package for businesses that offers access to fundamental courses and one consultation every six months

For larger firms, a more expensive package with more live consultations and access to premium courses is available.


  • Determine Who Has Access to Your Content

You can then create rules that specify who has access to your content. This step is crucial because it enables you to make some resources accessible to specific subscribers while keeping others private.

Go to MemberPress > Rules > Add New to access these settings. A section labeled Protected Content will then appear. Here, you can choose the sites, tags, posts, or categories you want to restrict using the drop-down choices. The restriction’s scope can then be adjusted using Access Conditions.


  • Create Login and registration pages for your Members.

You must then design pages for member registration and login. These pages allow visitors to join up for your website and, after becoming subscribers, access their accounts.

You must make your registration page a menu item on your website. Go to Appearance > Menus > Manage with Live Preview to accomplish this.

Choosing Menus > All Pages and then scrolling down to + Add Items will bring you to a visual editor where you can add a menu. Select the name of your membership from the drop-down menu next to Memberships.

After choosing it, click Publish to save the modifications and add it to the menu of your website. By doing this, a link to the membership plan signup page is created. The summary of your plan, the cost, and the information needed to sign up users may all be found on this page.

You also require a login page for your current subscribers. Returning to the WordPress dashboard, select MemberPress > Settings > Pages to configure this. Then, from the MemberPress Login Page drop-down option, choose Auto Create New Page.

After that, click Update Options at the bottom of the page. Your membership website for your business consulting services has now been successfully developed!




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